Featured Art


flow crop (1)

“Flow” by Mike Nordin
Being in a state of flow is important for any artist.  That feeling where you are “in the zone” and time suddenly flies by.  If you are in this condition you can create and nothing will stop you.  Maybe its that state of dreaming right before waking, where creativity flows freely but you might have trouble remembering unless you write or photograph or sing.
I’ve selected images that hopefully will take you to that Zen state of being – like river water flowing over ancient rock or  amazing patterns in a sunflower.


Climbing Vines (1)

z e n t a n g l e® inspired artwork by Esther Piszczek

Intricate designs will delight your senses and inspire your creative spirit as you view Esther Piszczek’s z e n t a n g l e® inspired artwork.  z e n t a n g l e® was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. z e n t a n g l e® is a method of pattern drawing that deconstructs complex patterns into simple, repetitive line patterns creating intricate, non-representational art. Piszczek’s z e n t a n g l e® inspired art builds on the z e n t a n g l e® method using graphic design to create new patterns from her original hand-drawn z e n t a n g l e® pen and ink creations.

This activity is funded in part by the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council with money from the MN Arts and Cultural Heritage fund, as appropriated by the MN Legislature from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008, and by a grant from the McKnight Foundation.