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Mary Beth Downs is an artist and art instructor who began studying fine art in 1975. She pursued her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with a focus in painting and drawing at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and graduated with honors in 1994. In 1995, she took her love of art to another level by starting a studio where she was able to teach the fundamentals of art to adult students in her community. She currently teaches six classes per week and often gives presentations to local organizations and conducts water color workshops.

This exhibit showcases the artwork of her students. With 30+ students currently enrolled and ranging in age from 40-80, this show celebrates their hard work and accomplishments.


img_2794‘Variation of Vision’ is a collaborative art exhibit that showcases the work of local artists with disabilities and includes the work of artists affiliated with Udac’s Art Junction and CHOICE, unlimited ARTS program. Comprised of a variation of mediums, perspectives and artists, it is our intent to raise awareness of disability culture as a multifaceted presence but unified in common values and vision of universal access and inclusiveness. We strive to assist artists in overcoming the real barriers artists face in getting work out in the world and specifically for artists with disabilities to receive the deserved recognition and to be taken seriously.

Disability is a social construct an part of the spectrum of our natural human existence. Our intent is to confirm ourselves as an important and visible apart of the community, like the vision of the Sprout Film Festival – “making the invisible visible.

On display in the atrium for the month of October.