Featured Art



“Galapagos: The Garden Before The Fall” by Lizzie Wortham

(On display from September 11th until the end of September)

About the Show:
The Galapagos is not a zoo and not the wild. Unlike here, in Minnesota, the life forms there are not our prisoner, our predator, or our prey. Akin to the Garden of Eden before the fall, all beings are but one of God’s creatures; innocent, unafraid, equal, and in awe. These paintings look to render this experience; the blurring and the distinctions of mineral from plant, plant from animal, and animal from human. They explore the connection of  the body to the land by creating a chain; each link more conscious, softer, singular and more vulnerable. They seek to share the experience of the Garden; the Galapagos.


Artist Bio:
Lizzie Wortham is a contemporary figurative painter from St. Paul, Minnesota. Her work was selected for inclusion in the North American Graduate Art Survey in 2011; and has appeared in a variety of solo and group shows. She has an MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.