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Ann Klefstad and Bridge Riversmith: “Flight”

About the Show:
FLIGHT” features the works of Ann Klefstad and Bridget Riversmith, and explores the liberation and sense of soaring we derive from birds and from the unconfined experience of water and sky.


About the Show:

Who are Minnesota Muslims? They are a small but rapidly growing part of the state’s community. Conservative estimates suggest that there are about 120,000 – 150,000 Muslims in Minnesota. Learn about the untold stories of this community at the Tracks in the Snow traveling exhibit featured at Zeitgeist Arts from April 4th through April 24, 2015.

Created by Islamic Resource Group (IRG) with generous support from the Minnesota Historical Society’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (ACHF), Tracks in the Snow provides unparalleled insight into the lives of Minnesota Muslims. The exhibit captures the variety of their backgrounds and experiences and the factors that led them to make Minnesota their home.