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Wolf Flow: 2nd Drift

(On display from November 3rd until the end of November)

About the Show:
Wolf Flow 2nd Drift” is the second series and new body of work produced by collaborating wolf artists and wildlife advocates, Stephanie Johnson and Angie Arden. This is a second celebration of the wolf. As the original “Wolf Flow” artists, we want to return the wolf to a positive light…to be visible again in an exalted realm—beloved as an icon in the natural world. We want to continue to raise awareness about the current conditions the wolf faces in its on-going struggle for survival. This event highlights the wolf through art and poetry with a unique perspective; telling the story of the wolf through an intimate narrative from nature’s spirited canine. The initial meaning behind, “Wolf=Flow” was to reveal how wolves mirror sustenance through a continuous cycle of seizing and supplying, reflecting nature’s demand. Join us for this special community event!