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A new show from artist Arna Rennan on display from June 27th till the end of August

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Arna has been painting “plein aire” for 25 years. Never tiring of the surprising light and color effects over the lake, the woods surrounding her home and our parks and gardens, she stands in the midst of it all with her easel and paints.

She received thorough training at the National Academy of Art in Oslo, Norway, spent four months in Paris absorbing all the major museums and travelled to Southern France to seek out Cezanne and Van Gogh’s favorite places to paint. She has had several artist residencies in National Parks as well.

Her work is included in public and private collections s.a. the MN State Arts Board % for Public Art at the Veterans Home in Hastings and Brainerd Community College. Locally, her work can be seen at Northshore Bank, Essentia Health, Fryberger Buchanon Smith and Fredricks and more.

Arna has been the judge of several pleine aire competitions; Grand Marais, Jaques Arts in Aitkin and Port Wing. Arna won second place in Paint du Nord, the plein air competition sponsored by the Duluth Art Institute. She also has held painting workshops at the Grand Marais Art Colony.


For the month of August, we’re proud to offer a show from a deeply talented local artist!

May You Live_ BJordan_EPiszczek 8_1_16

Esther Pisczek’s new show features Zentangle (R) inspired art on paper, clay, and glass.


Patterns have fascinated me since childhood. Doodled designs filled the margins of notebooks from grade school through law school and followed me right into the courtroom. Inwardly, I yearned to be an artist; outwardly, the world seemed to say: “What you draw is not art.” I believed that voice for a long time. And then, in November 2011, three years after I left the practice of law to live more creatively, an acquaintance introduced me to z e n t a n g l e ®.

The z e n t a n g l e method of pattern drawing, created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, uses a 3.5 x 3.5 inch paper tile and a .01 Sakura micron pen to create intricate, beautiful, non-representational art. For me, z e n t a n g l e gave me a method by which I was able to take my love of pattern and express it in an organized way. Simply put, it gave me permission to say: I AM an Artist.

What I love about the z e n t a n g l e method is its inherent freedom. z e n t a n g l e has shown me how to look at a seemingly complex pattern, deconstruct it into its essential components and recreate it―freehand, using pen and paper. In z e n t a n g l e there is no erasing―there are no mistakes. This non-critical, let’s-see-what-happens-next way of drawing allows me to practice sidelining the analytical, judgmental attorney side of me and gives my artist permission to explore and discover new ways of doing things in the world. It is a mind-set I seek to create in every moment, not just when I put pen to paper.

This what-else-can-I-create perspective has lead me to explore adding pattern to reclaimed mirrors and glass. I love turning everyday items into “practical art”. Practical art transforms basic spaces into islands of whimsy and imagination that delight and inspire, while remaining useful. This combination of art and utility infuses our lives with creative energy, while we accomplish otherwise mundane tasks. A little art in any space opens the mind to see possibilities and solutions for what may have previously seemed impossible.

The infinite possible patterns, and surfaces to adorn, that I have yet to discover excite me. May the patterns I have assembled here delight and inspire you to live knowing all things are possible.