Featured Art


A new group art exhibit, “The Lake Superior Show” will be on display in the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe until the end of September. The show will feature work from area artists, including Cecilia Lieder and Bridget Riversmith.



Join us all September long as we feature a new art exhibit celebrating Duluth Superior PRIDE and featuring the work of Amy Peterson.

Amy Peterson is a part-time landscape photographer from Duluth. She has previously had her work on display at the Zeitgeist Arts Atrium and Lake Avenue Cafe. Her photography has been published in the Capture Minnesota IV book, Duluth-Superior Living Magazine, and she is a contributing photographer for Destination Duluth. She was also recently given a Duluth Distinguished Artist Award by the Duluth City Council in May.

The We’re Everywhere Campaign started in 2014 in reaction to sweeping movements by some Conservatives across the nation to create laws designed to discriminate against the LGBTQI community. This is Amy’s way of pushing back against such continuing movements. Supporters of the LGBTQI community are everywhere and from all walks of life.

You may view her photography and purchase prints from her website: www.sakphotography1921.com