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Renegade At The Movies Presents: “Twilight!” – Sept 25th @ 7 and 9:30

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  RENEGADE IMPROV TAKES OVER THE ZINEMA FOR A NIGHT OF MAJOR MOTION PICTURE MOCKERY! Renegade Theater Company and Zinema 2 are proud to announce another performance of RENEGADE AT THE MOVIES on Thursday, September 25th at 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. This time, the crew takes on the tween vampire classic, “TWILIGHT!” Join us as some of the area’s funniest comedians grab a… Read more »

Opening August 29th: Life After Beth

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Teenaged Zach (Dane DeHaan, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Place Beyond the Pines) is emotionally wrecked when his girlfriend, Beth (Aubrey Plaza, Parks & Recreation), unexpectedly dies. When she suddenly rises from the grave, Zach sees it as a second chance and decides to live out all the things he wanted to do with Beth before… Read more »

Opening August 29th: Calvary

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CALVARY’s Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is a good priest who is faced with sinister and troubling circumstances brought about by a mysterious member of his parish. Although he continues to comfort his own fragile daughter (Kelly Reilly) and reach out to help members of his church with their various scurrilous moral – and often comic… Read more »

Opening August 29th: The One I Love

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The highly anticipated debut feature from acclaimed author Charlie McDowell, THE ONE I LOVE is an original tale that continues to showcase McDowell’s keen observations of human relationships with a distinct and comedic voice. On the brink of separation, Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend… Read more »

September 2nd: Explorers Club: The Dog

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An intimate portrait of the vivacious John Wojtowicz, the inspiration behind Al Pacino’s character in Dog Day Afternoon. Coming of age in the 1960s, John Wojtowicz took pride in being a pervert. His libido was excessive even by the libertine standards of the era, with multiple wives and lovers, both women and men. In August,… Read more »

Opening September 5th: Mood Indigo

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Eminently inventive Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) finds inspiration from French novelist Boris Vian’s cult novel to provide the foundation for this visionary and romantic love story starring Audrey Tautou (Amélie) and Romain Duris. Set in a charmingly surreal Paris, Duris plays wealthy bachelor Colin, whose hobbies include developing his pianocktail (a… Read more »

September 9th: Explorers Club: A Master Builder

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The artistic triumvirate of Jonathan Demme, André Gregory, and Wallace Shawn update Henrik Ibsen’s The Master Builder, a modern classic about a successful, egomaniacal architect who has spent a lifetime bullying his wife, employees, and mistresses – who nonetheless wants to make peace with himself as his life approaches its final act. Working from his… Read more »

Opening September 12th: The Congress

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More than two decades after catapulting to stardom with The Princess Bride, an aging actress (Robin Wright, playing a version of herself) decides to take her final job: preserving her digital likeness for a future Hollywood. Through a deal brokered by her loyal, longtime agent (Harvey Keitel) and the head of Miramount Studios (Danny Huston),… Read more »

Opening September 19th: The Zero Theorem

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Terry Gilliam’s (Brazil, 12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) madcap science fiction epic The Zero Theorem stars two- time Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz as Qohen Leth, an eccentric and reclusive computer genius plagued with existential angst. Living in isolation in a burnt-out church, Qohen is obsessively working on a mysterious project personally delegated… Read more »

October 14th: Explorers Club: A Matter of Life & Death

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A Matter of Life and Death is a romantic fantasy film by the British writing-directing-producing team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Set in England during the Second World War, and starring David Niven, Roger Livesey, Raymond Massey, and Kim Hunter, the film was originally released in the United States under the title Stairway to Heaven, which derived from the film’s most prominent special effect: a broad escalator linking… Read more »